"Normalizer II" (2008)

The second part of Normalizer. Marco sent a drum solo from San Diego and I played synthesizer on it in Münster...

"Engineer" (2007)

My second Solo-CD. I played and recorded acoustic instruments and voices to be transformed to a new kind of music and worked together with several musicians, including Marco and Fabio.

"Disarmed" (2006)

On this record, Marco, Fabio and me wrote several pop-songs in an organic and mostly acoustic style. We used similar instruments as Peter Gabriel, King Crimson or David Sylvian to achieve this "deep" sound.

Brinkmann "Quartz" (2005)

My Solo-CD. Electronic music.
I recorded "Quartz" 2004 comletely alone at IM=PULS Studio, playing different analogue synthesizers.

"Normalizer" (2003)

A complex drum-solo built the basic-track for a lot of weird samples, sounds and found objects...

Terrible, complex, beautiful.

Minnemann "Orchids" (2002)

I did the cover artwork of this solo-CD of Marco Minnemann.
I also programmed sounds and played synthesizer on this record.

"Motor" (2002)

Marco and me recorded this record without any "commercial background".

Synthesizer meets Drum & Guitar.

Paddy Kelly "In Exile" (2001)

I played synthesizer for this Solo-CD of Paddy Kelly during the recording sessions in Miraval, South of France.

Marco Minnemann
"Comfortably Homeless" (2000)

At this time, Marco and me worked day by day in Principal-Studios and collected sounds and ideas for this "zappanoid" project...

Illegal Aliens
"International telephone" (2000)

I programmed sounds and played synthesizer on this CD.
Brinkmann "IM=PULS" (1997)

My first electronic work.

Franklin Street 309 "Live 1996"

A live-recording of my first band.