Repairing my Moog,

Wapping Press Studio 2010.
London 2010.
Grand Piano 2008.
Working on "Engineer"-Files in South of France.
Me in my studio IM=PULS.
Listening Session
at Principal Studios.
"Working" in the Studio.
Guitar rehearsal "Engineer".
Mixdown at SSL.
Me and Fredde at Principal Studios.
Fabio Trentini and me at Miraval Studio.
Marco Minnemann at IM=PULS Studio.
Checking Synths at Miraval.
Fabio Trentini.
Propeller-driven aircraft.
Soundcheck at Gruissan, South of France.
Ronald Prent doing the Mix at Galaxy Studios.
Marco Minnemann, Paddy Kelly and Kristian Schultze (who actually played keyboards on the original Captain Future Soundtrack!) at Galaxy Studios.
Me at Top of the Pops rehearsal.
Michael composing at Startrek Studios.
Me at IM=PULS-Studio.
Paddy at VIVA, Cologne.

Patrice Quef at Miraval Studio, South of France.

Fabio at mixing desk.
Me at VP 330-Room.
Marco Minnemann playing guitar
at Principal Studios, Ottibotti.
Fabio Trentini.
Me, Fabio, Marco at H-Blockx-Studio.
Fredde, Mario, Petra at
Marco´s flat, Ottibotti.
Me during a meeting planning the "Orchids" cover.
Me at RHW.
Me at IM=PULS-Studio.